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“Well, I am certainly not going to quit on myself. Not everyone can take something sad and make something beautiful. I think I can. And I am willing to try.”

Miranda Jean “MJ” is an intuitive artist, diabetes advocate, and lifelong learner. She has developed her artistic technique with color theories since 1997, and has been a licensed Beautician since 2002. Born in Rochester, MI, and raised in San Diego, CA, MJ graduated early from Poway High School and was accepted to the Apprenticeship of Cosmetology at Santiago Canyon College.

Her lifelong curiosity and bright spirit have fostered a connection towards her own creativity. Today she maintains a perceptive approach to life and its beauty, which infuses her art. 

MJ believes every single one of us has an emotional light that shines within us that can be manifested through creative self-expression. Her art captures her appreciation, wonder, and grief -the common human experience that she channels in order to connect with others.

Her other passion is diabetes advocacy. Diagnosed at the age of 12 with Type 1 diabetes, MJ has dedicated more than 20 years as a volunteer at a summer camp for kids who live with diabetes, including many summers as the Arts and Crafts Director. However, it was her time spent counseling teenagers that proved the most rewarding. One of her favorite things is showing young people how they can rise above the labels in life. She constantly encourages dreamers of all ages to dream big, musicians to find their song, and other artists to live life in full color.

When she is not creating or volunteering, MJ leads a life of joy and simple romance with her beau in San Diego. Whether it is cooking together, or adventuring into a new hobby, or enjoying a beach picnic with their beautiful Lil’ Dachshund, Snaps, MJ draws inspiration from the love and the beauty in the world around her.

Drawing on themes from loss, acceptance and hope, MJ’s latest collection represents a time when it felt impossible to see what was actually

“Out There.” 


Enjoy “Out There” in the gallery, and in your own home. 

Purchase options can be found in the shop. 


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